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Local Orginazations:

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree Excursions
City of Twentynine Palms
Mojave Trails National Monument

Astronomy Orginzations:

Southern California Desert Video Astronomers
Sky's the Limit Observatroy and Nature Center
Riverside Astronomical Society
Saguaro Astronomy Club
North Central Kansas Astronomical Society
Dark Ranger Telescope Tours
The Skyscrapers
The Astronomy Connection
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Hawaiian Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of Las Cruces
Magdalena Ridge Observatory
Rappahannock Astronomy Club

Telescope and Observing Links:

DSO Browser
Clear Sky Chart
Telescope Math
Moon Conection
Deep Sky Observing Lists
Cloudy Nights
Washington Double Star Database
Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events
The Astronomical League
Jim Kaler's Astronomy Page
The Cloverfield Observatory
Deep Sky Database
IAU Constellations
Wolfram Alpha
NASA Extragalactic Database
Wiki Sky
Celestial Atlas
Atlas of the Universe
Deep Sky Watch
Black Oak Observatory
The Color of Stars
Star Party Etiquette
NexStar Resource Site
111 Deep Sky Wonders
Tips for Stargazing
Motion of the Stars
How to Use a Planisphere
Rose City Astronomers

Astronomy Links:

Sky And Telescope
International Dark-Sky Association
The Nine Planets
Ask An Astronomer
Sky News
Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events
Light Pollution

Astronomy Software: