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Celestron 8 and 11 telescopes

The Twentynine Palms Astronomy Club has been doing engaging private stargazing tours and educational public outreach astronomy in the Joshua Tree area for over 10 years. Along the way we have met many wonderful people from around the world and embarked on numerous great night sky adventures.

Twentynine Palms Astronomy specializes in thrilling private stargazing experiences in the Joshua Tree area. With big telescopes and a great deal of passion for astronomy, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and love of the night sky with others. Private stargazing tours can be booked by sending us an email or sending a text to 760 401 3004. We will also be offering our services in telescope repair/diagnostics and astrophotography lessons.

The crisp, clear skies of the high altitude Morongo Basin are free of excessive light pollution and ideal for visual observational astronomy and astrophotography. The night sky in the desert is something you will not soon forget. Joshua Tree National Park was recently awarded a silver tier recognition by the International Dark-Sky Association in their efforts to preserve the dark skies across the country. We hope that you will enjoy the beautiful desert skies and all it has to offer.

Our Astronomers

setting up the Celestron 14 at sunset

Starman Steve has been doing astronomy from a very young age. Originally from the San Francisco area and later on, Los Angeles he moved to the high desert in 2012 to enjoy the dark night skies. He has been doing private stargazing tours and public outreach astronomy in Joshua Tree for past 10 years. Steve is very knowledgeable about telescopes and can diagnose and repair almost any piece of equipment or show you how to use it. He also does astrophotography with his Canon 60DA. He posts his astrophotos on his Instagram account, @deepskysteve. During the day, Steve is a freelance musician. He plays trombone, recorder, horn and arranges music for several local music ensembles including the Joshua Tree Early Music Society, Desert Sol and the Mojave Brass.

Favorite Constellation: Cetus
Favorite Star: Aldebaran
Favorite Planet: Saturn
Favorite Deep Sky Object: Sculptor Galaxy
Favorite Double Star: Almach

Starman Steve and the Milky Way from Joshua Tree