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Stargazing near
Joshua Tree

The Twentynine Palms Astronomy Club was founded with the goal of bringing astronomy entertainment and education to the Morongo Basin area, highlighted by the pristine dark skies around Joshua Tree National Park. Twentynine Palms Astronomy can be booked for private stargazing events, led by our expert astronomers who will take you on a stunning cosmic tour of the night sky with our high-powered telescopes. Perfect for family gatherings, weddings, birthdays and vacationers who want to experience the night sky the way it was meant to be seen. If night sky photography is your interest, the Twentynine Palms Astronomy Club also offers lessons in astrophotography. We'll teach you how to capture the vastness of the cosmos with your DSLR camera. We offer our presentations at various locations around the area, including from the comfort of your Air BnB or place of residence. Whatever time of year you plan your visit, let us bring the epic grandeur of the night sky to you!

  The Summer Milky Way from Twentynine Palms, California

A private stargazing experience with the Twentynine Palms Astronomy Club